The Sunny Side Bohol


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I grew up in Bohol and it was only after college that I got a chance to step out from this scenic province. But I’ve never been to its eastern part until last week. Mixed feelings of anxiety and excitement had swept me away as I shoved myself on a public bus seat. Why? Because it was another Eat, Pray, Love experience for me but this time, I was with my adventurous seven-year old travel buddy who kept on asking me out of this world questions along the way. With the usual view of green trees on my left and … Continue reading

Acer Philippines, Inc Gets Cebu Kong-nected

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    The country’s leading technology brand Acer Philippines, Inc has brought Francis Kong to its Acer Academy Partners Night held last December 12, 2016 in the Queen City of the South. With theme “Are You Kong-nected?” Acer Philippines’ academy partners were gathered at the Quest Hotel Conference Center for the technology giant’s updates on its newest innovations as well as its software partner, Microsoft’s latest developments. Highlighting the afternoon was an inspirational speech from Acer’s brand ambassador, famous motivational speaker, renowned author, newspaper columnist, business consultant, Francis Kong. The self-made entrepreneur has provided educators with a remarkable learning experience … Continue reading

For The Love of Fred


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November 21, 2016 wasn’t just an ordinary night at Fred’s Book Cafe. It was a night full of love – a love that comes in a flash, a love that leaves in a rush, a love that waits, a love that keeps on coming back, a love left unspoken, a love that’s gone forever, a love that remains, a  love for pets, for the country, for others, and for one’s self. It was all about love. It was also a night full of fun as poets, performers, book enthusiasts,  coffee lovers, and audiences of all ages gathered before a fireplace. … Continue reading

Giftgiving and Treeplanting: Relived A Childhood Ideal


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To become an Ambassadress of Goodwill has been my dream since I was nine. Not only that I wanted to play a major role in saving humankind and Mother Earth but also, I found the title cooler than Ms. Universe. But as days became months and months became years and years became decades, that big dream of saving Amazon and feeding those starving children in Africa (especially the Ambassadress dream) has gone blurry and then next to impossible. Thanks to the Rotary Club of Tagbilaran, JCI Bohol, and the Bohol Bloggers Collective for initiating a Feeding and Giftgiving Program for … Continue reading

A Friday Night At Alfonso Pizzeria


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(This isn’t a second-rate horror video game. Don’t expect talking bears or bunnies or scary animatronics here, just delectable pizza.)   Friday nights are supposed to be spent at home (not that I have a boring life. It’s just that I no longer look forward to weekends   and holidays as much as I did when I had a day job.) But over two Fridays ago, I spent it with a long-lost-and-now-found friend at Alfonso Pizzeria Tagbilaran. Joanne and I hadn’t seen each other for more than a decade so I couldn’t trade this chance for a lonesome self-talk at … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Sarah Ladeza

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Since I can’t give her a ukulele on her birthday, the best thing I can do is not to bully her…at least for today. And I think backlinking is a kind of sweet surprise she will be thankful for. Sarah Ladeza and I barely know each other’s personal details so I really have no idea how old she has turned today. Geez… I have even greeted her three days ago, hoping that my wild guess was right. I don’t know her favorite color, either and I don’t know what song will make her cry. All I know is this girl … Continue reading

3 Lessons I Learned From Losing Someone I Love

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Losing someone we love is so painful that we neglect everything especially the lessons it brings. Three years ago, I lost my second child. It was the most painful phase that happened in my life but it was also the best teacher. So instead of mourning on his death anniversary, I choose to value the things it taught me. Acceptance And Living Life When Red lost his life, I wanted to lose mine and die with him. I had wished that everything was just a nightmare I could run away from when I wake up. My hope of carrying him … Continue reading

Get Through The Storm And Walk Among Stars


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Christmas air can sometimes be exaggerated and dreadful. Sometimes it can be playful. While it is helpful for one who wants to curl up in bed, it is a challenge for another who needs to cross the sea to get home. With ferry trips from Cebu to Bohol being cancelled, I thought I wouldn’t be able to make it to last Friday’s benefit dinner, the ‘Walk Among Stars’, at Bluewater Resort Panglao. And if my will weren’t stronger than the typhoon Marce, I could have missed a once-a-year fabulous event and might end up regretting for the rest of my life. … Continue reading

4 Lessons In Life That I Learned From Basic Photography

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I used to believe that basic photography is just a point-click thing so when Shaw Academy offered free courses, I gave it a miss over Graphic Design. It was only when I found the long lost camera my sister-in-law gave that my interest in photography has reached its peak. Peering through the faulty camera’s viewfinder, a growing realization has flashed in my mind. Photography is not just about pointing and clicking. It also teaches me lessons I need in love and in life. Take The Lens Cover Off With the lens cap on, I could only see darkness. When I … Continue reading