Aug 07

What The Bell Pepper Teaches

freshly picked bell peppers

Hold on, I’m not posting this because they’re bell peppers of extraordinary variety. They’re just organic and ordinary. But how I got them (and how much I got them for) is a different story.

The sun was shining crazy that day. Pierre and I were catching for a multicab, a jeepney-like public transport, that would take us to his school. We were sweating as we took our seats and he was almost having a meltdown, demanding repeatedly that we should have taken a taxi instead. And though I wasn’t making a verbal rant, my eyebrows arched in protest. Wiping his sweat off, I told him that I only had enough money in my purse. If we had to take a taxi, then he would have to give snack time a miss. But all I heard was that same spiel “magtaxi ‘ko”. Okay, this is not about a day with my son, but what I’m trying to point out here is that it wasn’t a good day for me. And since I was tired of explaining to him over and over again, I just rolled my eyes and dropped my shoulders.

Then, I noticed an old woman sitting in front of me. I didn’t know how long she had been smiling but I knew she was amused with my ordeal because he asked how old Pierre is. I smiled back at her as I answered her question and it was only then that I noticed she was keeping a grocery bag full of bell peppers and string beans. When she got my attention back, she asked me if I could buy a pack of them – a half kilo for Php10 (about $0.20).

My eyes widened as my heart sank. I felt bad not because I had no cash to buy them all but because I was slapped with reality. I couldn’t imagine her carrying that heavy bag, traveling 58 kilometers from her hometown to the city just to sell those fruits (or vegetables) of their labor at a low price. And she wasn’t complaining at all.

So that’s how I got these bell peppers.



And it was so far the most sentimental Php10 expense, or should I say, it was the cheapest investment. Somehow, I was proud that my Php10 would go far from an afternoon coffee it was spared for. But the lessons I got back from that encounter were far more than that. One, I learned to complain less because other people may be carrying a heavier burden than I do. Two, I learned to give more to have more. And three, I learned to appreciate bell peppers.



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  1. Profile photo of eve winters
    eve winters

    Thanks for those bell peppers, Ta.

  2. Chubskulit Rose

    Most of the times, those people are the most inspiring when it comes to dealing your own issues. They do so much sacrifices but they never compained.

  3. ozjacaranda

    You did a wonderful thing there. Like you, I try not to complain too much. Most of the time I complain about my boys with their behavior. BUt that is only minor compare to what other people are going through. I am sure those bell peppers are tastier compare to other as it was bought out of kindness and care.

  4. Nilyn_ECM

    That’s just for 10 pesos? wow! That must be the cheapest but most frugal 10 peso purchase, right? 🙂 In our market here, 10 peso bell pepper is just about 3-4 pcs. Plus, di pa fresh! I’m glad you bough them, they look freshly picked from the plant!

  5. Juliana

    Very well said. Too often we act as though we have the heaviest burden in the world only to realize much later that there are far more important things over our trivial issues. Btw, that was a steal. I wish I can have that here. 2 pack organic red bell pepper here is $3.89😊

  6. FX777 Classified Articles

    Such an amazing life’s reality, even it’s such an ordinary daily struggle, I felt reading a novel with much compassion, for it happend for me too. Nevertheless, the lesson that we learned, comes from what we didn’t expect to happen. Life is full of surprises….it keeps on coming… Fernando Lachica

  7. Lainybelle

    That’s a real deal! Lucky you!

    Indeed, we tend to whinge a lot and verbalize our angst and complaints only to find out later how petty they are as compared to others. I always remind myself to count my blessings everyday no matter how small they are, especially when I have such a hard and stressful day.

    BTW, we call bell peppers here in OZ “capsicum” 😉

  8. Nova

    True great story, it’s not just about the bell pepper it’s the matter on how you actually purchase and the experiences you’ve had while buying that produce.

  9. Zwitsy

    Whoah! that’s a great deal. But yeah, sometimes when I feel like I needed to vent out, I always think that I am still more blessed than other people. It’s so saddening to see people like lola to go each day just to survive.

  10. msculit

    Nice moral of the story… And also, nice of you to put the bell pepper in the lime light. It has plenty of health benefits too! I make capsicum/bell pepper salad. It helps relieve inflammation and is beneficial for heart health. 🙂

    1. Profile photo of eve winters
      eve winters

      Thanks.. Really. I didnt know capsicum is healthy. Thanks for the info.

  11. Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen

    Fresh bell peppers at P10! Ang mura! Thanks for sharing this story because there really is a lesson to be learned. Sometimes we just need a reminder from life to count our blessings and not complain.

  12. Teresa Martinez

    Sometimes it really takes seeing a situation from another point of view to realize just how lucky we are, in spite of our predicaments.

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