Monthly Archive: September 2015

Sep 28


Following your heart is so fulfilling that every organ of your body will excitedly sing in celebration. Doing what you love can create the most wonderful feeling, but it can also be like plunging into an unfathomable abyss. I have the passion to write since the time I learned to a grip a pen.  I …

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Sep 14

Thought Box

Her beauty dominates his thoughts. His love for her is clear. It overflows. Yet, for her, everything seems blurry as he keeps his silence.

Sep 09


She can resist it no more, no matter how hard she tried.  All of a sudden, her body began to ache.  Then, a soft, tiny ligament started to protrude on both the left and right portion of her back.  She tightly closed her eyes, thinking that it would help her ease the pain, but no…  The pain was …

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Sep 07


What happened in Hongkong has stayed in Hongkong… until today. It was half an hour before midnight when she decided to head to the airport.  Her flight won’t be until six in the morning of the following day but she couldn’t sleep that night.  She had mixed emotions as it will be her first time …

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Sep 05


  sometimes, well, most of the times, all we need is a deep slumber and when we wake up, everything’s going to be fine.

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