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Building a backyard zipline without spending

Ever wanted an adrenaline rush but out of budget? Ziplining comes first in mind but going to adventure parks needs some amount of money. Well, these kids will prove you can enjoy ziplining right in your backyard. Let’s see how these kids built a backyard zipline at no cost.

What They Used

  • Unused telephone line. Telephone cables(not the curly thingy!) are very strong. The wire used to carry signal from the post to your house has a very high tensile strength and has a tough insulator which is also weather- resistant, perfect for the project.
  • Old tire. Motorcycle or bicycle tires are ideal for this DIY ride. Using a zipline cable trolley would be the best way for a speedy slide but the aim is not to spend a single cent.
  • Rope. Thick enough to support one’s weight. The thicker the better for easier climbing.
  • Trees. duh. To tie the wire both ends.

Let the Fun Begin

  • Locate the trees. Find trees that are not very far apart. Our available materials are good only for short lines.
  • Tie very well the end of the telephone cable to the first tree. A coconut tree is a good one. Tie the cable around the tree steps or the notched parts(hakhak in Bisaya) so that it will not slip downwards.
  • Let the cable pass through the tire. The tire will serve as the trolley.
  • Tie the tire with another cable. This will be used to pull the tire to the launching area.
  • Tie the other end of the zipline to the tree with branches, slightly above the first tie. This takes some trials to achieve the right speed of the slide. Tying higher increases the speed of the backyard zipline.
  • Tie several knots to the rope with about a foot interval and tie one end above the branch where the zipline is tied. This will serve as your ladder to the launching area.

Oops, Before you have fun!

You must exercise proper caution in building DIY stuffs specially this one. It is best to use industrial-grade materials for this project like steel cable, brakes, cable sling, harness and other safety equipment. When building a zipline seriously, consider it done by professionals or someone knowledgeable for best performance and safety.

Share the fun.

Don’t forget to share your ride with your friends. The more, the merrier. We’d love to see your smiles while riding your backyard zipline.

If you really wanted to go for all-out thrill rides, check out Danao Adventure Park and CHAP located at Carmen, Bohol.

Backyard ziplining is great fun and we love it. Another option is hockey skates. Check out this guide to learn more.


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