Nov 15

4 Lessons In Life That I Learned From Basic Photography

basic photography

I used to believe that basic photography is just a point-click thing so when Shaw Academy offered free courses, I gave it a miss over Graphic Design. It was only when I found the long lost camera my sister-in-law gave that my interest in photography has reached its peak.

Peering through the faulty camera’s viewfinder, a growing realization has flashed in my mind. Photography is not just about pointing and clicking. It also teaches me lessons I need in love and in life.

Take The Lens Cover Off

With the lens cap on, I could only see darkness. When I learned to open my eyes, heart, and mind, I see beauty. Everything seems to be a picture perfect subject.

Find A Different Angle

I used to look at people from one perspective. I didn’t see that they have multiple facets, more than my naked eyes can see. Taking a shot from different angles has made me appreciate both their perfections and blemishes.



Capturing scenes and actions can be magnificent. But zooming in on emotions can give an ordinary target an extraordinary life. Aiming not only for what the eye sees but also for what the heart feels can make a big difference.


Wait For The Perfect Time

Shooting for a single moment requires time. Rather than rushing to get things done, letting the target unfold naturally will give the best shot. This reminds me of last night’s supermoon. I was geared for it. And though it was still covered with thick clouds, I snapped shots. When it still didn’t show up after six hours of waiting, I lost hope and gave up. If I had invested more time and waited a little longer, I don’t need to wait for the next supermoon to come. (Oh, well. Waiting for the next would be the best test of patience.)

These four basic photography techniques have given me a brand new viewpoint. I wonder what an advanced lesson has to offer.


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  1. farmfitliving

    You’re so right! Photography is a patient game. I also love shooting an image from different angles. You never know what you’ll come up with.

  2. Amber

    I love this! I’m learning how to take better photos. You’re right, it does take time.

  3. Rose

    Lol, take the lense cover off is a great start. When taking pictures I try to take different angles and encourage my kids to keep doing what they are doing. They don’t always have to look at me. I want to capture the real moment, a genuine moment.

  4. Maple Syrup and TeacupsEllie

    This is such a good post about photography! You’re right, it takes time and patience, learning the settings and waiting for a great photo opportunity.

  5. Meg Kerns (@MegOhKay)

    I LOVE these points to shoot for! (See what I did there? haha) But in all honesty your words are so true. Thank you for the reminders.

  6. Divya @ Eat. Teach. Blog.

    I’d love to take a lesson on photography. Or, even, own a real camera! Haha 🙂 I just use my iPhone for pictures!

  7. Briana Marie

    I so love this post and how you compare photography to one’s outlook on life!

  8. Befitting Style

    Waiting for the camera to focus has helped out a lot to prevent bluriness.

  9. Janine Good

    These are great tips! I am slightly hopeless with a camera but am getting better!

  10. Blair Villanueva

    I learned basic photography online, thanks to all generous youtubers and professional bloggers out there. Saves me a lot of trouble. Also I regularly attends the Nikon photography workshops ever since I bought my camera from them.

  11. Valerie Ratliff

    I’d say these are pretty helpful. Photography is what I struggle with most on my blog.

  12. Amrita Basu

    Great tips for getting started .Loved that ypu said look from a different angle.That help a lot

  13. Debbie J.

    I love that you’re taking the time to learn photography. Trying different angles are amazing. It gives you variety,

  14. Ana Ojha

    Thanks for sharing some photography wisdom! I’m working on improving my photography skills these days!

    1. Profile photo of eve winters
      eve winters

      Im also a work in progress. Lets learn together.

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