Aug 25

8 Facts About Ally Arguelles

ally arguelles

Not everyone knows her but Ally Arguelles is one of my favorite rising stars. I have strong hopes that she would become popular someday. I’m sure she would be a hot topic in the future and I want to be the first one to write about her (yey! It will make me famous, too! Lol!). Here are some things you need to know about her.

She was just six when her uncle and I were unofficially dating (Dennis invited me to sleep over for their “town fiesta”. I found out that it was just a lure when we arrived at a quiet house, no evidence of a celebration). Ally then approached me. With her fierce look, she asked if I were her uncle’s girlfriend. I felt like a knife was jammed on my throat. I could sense she was a smart girl, so whether I’d say yes or no, I knew that my answer would lead to a series of follow-up questions. And things happened as expected even though I answered ‘I don’t know’.


From then on, she was there as the love story between me and her uncle developed. And though she was a shy little girl, she was fun to be with. She could stay awake the whole night, counting cars and stars. She would tell us stories about her crushes and puppy-loves. She was clingy, too. Dennis and I nearly had no time alone because she was always there.

When Pierre came, I thought it would be hard for her. But she took the news with excitement (and maybe, with fear that she would no longer have our full attention). She had been and will always be Pierre’s gorgeous, big sister.


At age nine or ten, she already knew what she wanted. She had big dreams. She dreamed of being a princess, a model, an actress, and a designer.


Photo By JN Salvatus

She’s tough. She’s stubborn. She would fight for what she wants no matter how impossible it may seem. She would work for it until she gets it.

At eighteen, she is now a notch closer to her goals. She has been our princess and her throne will always reign.    She’s taking up Architecture so she could design buildings and highways. She poses on photo shoots, making her a model. And I’m so thrilled because she will soon appear in the upcoming teleserye ‘ Alyas Robinhood’.

ally arguelles


Photo By Pong Jhune Ibanez

Photo By Pong Jhune Ibanez

She is patient and she believes that someday, everything on her wish list will come true. So I wouldn’t be surprised if I would see her on the big screen one day.

She adores Mickey Mouse as much as she does her phone and her cosplay costumes.




There you have it, folks. To know more about this beauty, check her Facebook page.

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