Jul 16

What I Need in Life, I learned From Charcoal Drawing

I  learned charcoal drawing the hard way. It should have been easier if I had read tips and techniques about the craft beforehand. But with all the values it taught me while on the process, I really can’t complain.


This is the starting point of everything. You’ve got to have a strong want to do what you want. That fire from within will ignite up a rocket. Not everyone has the talent but with desire and the passion for learning, you can do just about everything.



Like every art, your full attention to the subject is required if you don’t want to miss a single detail.

Shades and Tints

We all have those dark moments in our lives. Some of us choose to conceal those times with a lighter tint, hoping to make it better. But don’t you know that shades will make your masterpiece more dramatic and expressive and real?

No Turning Back

Charcoal drawing has taught me to let go and move on. As a newbie, I didn’t know that there’s an eraser for dedicated for charcoal. I thought that the one my 7-year-old son is using at grade school will do. But correction would only give me a messy result. Hence, I had to go on instead.

Have Fun

While the adage “no pressure, no diamonds” is true, beating yourself up won’t make you a pro all the time. Sometimes, it will do more harm than good. Give yourself a break. Just enjoy the strokes as your fingers do the magic.

Charcoal drawing can be so messy. But seeing things transform from that mess into an elegant creation, you will surely look at this art in a different light. All the more if it transforms lives.


  1. jenmolon

    I’m glad you’re putting a hand on drawing. This one’s great for a first time. You sure have an eye for details. I’ve tried charcoal years ago but I’m more comfortable with pencils since it’s less messy. Go watch Art of Wei’s drawing tutorials online and you’ll become a lot better at drawing portraits.

    1. Profile photo of eve winters
      eve winters

      Wow. I feel honored that one of my favorite artists shares her secret. Thanks so much, Jen.

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