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Alicia Hosts 2nd Mountain Bike Fest “Kinatkatay sa Binabaje”

Over 50 bike afficionados from around the provinces of Bohol and Cebu got together in Alicia, Bohol last February 12, 2017 for the 2nd Mountain Bike Race themed “Kinatkatay sa Binabaje.”

“Kinatkatay sa Binabaje” was conceptualized with the aim to help promote not only the town of Alicia, but most importantly, the province of Bohol.

Through the joint efforts of the Municipality of Alicia local government unit led by Mayor Marnilou Ayuban and the local tourism office as well as Bohol’s government officials, the downhill and uphill biking competition has been a great success.

Alicia Bamboo Ensemble performing during the 2nd Bike Fest "Kinatkatay sa Binabaje" in Alicia, Bohol

Alicia Bamboo Ensemble performing during the 2nd Bike Fest “Kinatkatay sa Binabaje” in Alicia, Bohol

The bike fest had four categories, namely, Open/Elite, All Bohol, Beginners, and 45 Up. Dongkey Sanchez from Cebu garnered the first prize of the Open/Elite category while Roger Toreon won the All Bohol category. Keith Salamanca and Ven Amora took the lead for the Beginners and 45 Up respectively. Winners of the said event took home cash prizes.

binabaje hills

Photo Credit: Tarsier Times

kinatkatay sa binabaje

Photo grabbed from Alicia Unfolds

4th placer Beginner’s category Milo M. Melon pedaling through the trail Photo grabbed from Alicia Unfolds

The Binabaje Hills is one of the attractions in Alicia, with caves and springs among others. It also has the most rewarding view with its 360 degrees picturesque landscape featuring its neighboring towns. The trail of about 15 kilometers is one of the best and most challenging terrains in the country, according to Open Elite Category champion Dongkey Sanchez in an interview by Rappler’s Mars Alison.


Locals waiting for the bikers

Local fanatics beating the heat and patiently waiting for the bikers to pass by


With the success of “Kinatkatay sa Binabaje”, the town has brought about a brand new image to the province’s recognized ecotourism attractions. Through this extreme challenge, the town of Alicia has been unleashed.  This event is one way to proclaim that Bohol has a lot more to offer, other than the established tourist destinations.  Another part of this majestic province has been discovered.

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