Oct 15


He made no promises. No decent house. No fancy restaurants. No crafty tokens. No exclusive dates. No sweet nothings. He didn’t speak to her about marriage. He didn’t ask her about her thoughts, her dreams, her ideals. Yet, he was her world. He was her weakness.  Whenever he was beside her, she would melt. She felt fragile. But he was her strength, too. Whenever he needed her, she would do whatever it takes no matter how wrong it was. She took all her chances and played all her decks. She was always excited to see the future with him. He just shrugged since he lived in the present.

She spoke to him, flirting. He just froze and said nothing. She hugged him tight. He felt numb. He walked away. She called her up. He sounded cold. She had cheered him up. He nodded. No smiles.  She begged him to stay. Her plea was unanswered because he left her still.

He shook her world. Her senses went upside down. Her thoughts were perturbed and then left her with head over heels. She didn’t see it coming. And now she was lost. Totally lost. She wanted to move; she couldn’t. She wanted to scream; no voice came out from her mouth. She wanted to go after him. But how?

Many waves had slapped her, splashing at her to wake up. Wind blew to a different direction trying to drag her along. Sails shifted their course with an attempt to take her away from doom.  But, she just stood there, right where he left her. She was stuck and she would stay right there waiting for him to return. For only he could unchain her and set her free.


What if yachts have feelings?


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  1. SheryL♥


    1. all about eve

      Thanks, SheryL..:-)

      1. SheryL♥

        My pleasure!

  2. Jen

    This one’s good. I’d love to see one with conversations–a monologue. Maybe you can write one soon? 🙂

    1. all about eve

      Surely. Will try that soonest. Thanks, Jen.

  3. Jen

    I meant “Dialogue” not “monologue”.

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