Jun 20

Arrivals and Departures

roller coaster

He came into her life in a flash. It was like a volt of lightning. He opened the door of his heart and he let her in. She was not prepared for this. She was hesitant as she knew that it would be a roller coaster ride. She wasn’t sure how it would end. She didn’t want to hang on to any false hopes for the wound inside her was still fresh… The previous ride also promised her of safety and security but left her injured. She was still mending it and she couldn’t take one more ride.

But his words were so reassuring, so full of colors, so full of life. How could she say no when those words were like music to her ears? Those words were giving her a ray of hope.

Then, she hopped in and he took her on a journey that only he had control about. It was a graceful ride, one glorious drive to the unknown. It sent shivers through

her veins. Every turnaround would give her an ounce of reel. That trip was a sheer bliss that she wanted it to keep going. She didn’t want it to end.

Then he opened the door again, but this time, he didn’t want her in. He opened the door to let her go. She didn’t understand why. He wouldn’t explain. With tears welling up her eyes and with a heavy heart, she stepped down. She watched him go. She was left with a much painful wound. One more ride like this and she would be bleeding to death.

She looked around and realized that it was where she was heading to. But why did she feel light and incomplete?  It was because he took her heart when he went away.

Say something. Leave a trail.

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