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Jan 21

Bohol To Manila By Land

So you missed to book a flight on special and the idea of a long sea trip on a stormy season would make you vomit, and you can’t just delay  the holiday that you have been dreaming of. Frustrating, eh? Well, go pack up as there are two bus lines that will take you from …

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Jul 24

8 Wowing Coffee Shops in Cebu

I’m not a coffee connoisseur. I’m not even a good critic so if you don’t want a biased answer from me, don’t ask me which one tastes the best. Why? Because I’m a coffee addict. Whether what’s in my cup is locally prepared or brewed, or a 3-in-one instant mix, may it be with chocolate …

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Jul 23

Philippines Concludes 38th National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Week

I received this message from my service provider. Then, it reminded me that Pierre and I took part of this celebration. Geared to the stimulation of public awareness on concerns of disability, the NDPR Week ends today, July 23, 2016. Thanks to the teachers of Tagbilaran City Central SPED Center, I learned that this activity …

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Jul 23

Bohol Celebrates Sandugo Festival 2016

Thousands of people gathered and filled the streets of Tagbilaran City as the City of Friendship’s Sandugo Festival came to a close on July 22, 2016. The celebration did not only commemorate the blood compact. It also showcased the province’s cultural values, friendship, and hospitality. The much-awaited Sandugo Street Dancing capped the month-long event with …

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Jul 21

8 French False Friends To Keep In Mind

Learning to love someone can be as easy as ABC but learning to speak the language of love is another story. Saying ‘I love you’ in French may give your tongue a little work. Non-native speakers find the language sophisticated. Luckily, some terms are similar to English words. And unless you can afford to get …

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Jul 12

Rotsen’s Eyes


A guy with an envelope on his hand approached to ask me if I could be a sitter. I was dumbfounded, of course. But before I gave him that same smile Rose gave to Jack, I sipped Pierre’s melting left-over ice cream. We were at the perfect place. I was seated on a bench beside …

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Jul 09

Movie Review: Ice Age – Collision Course

While everyone has gone crazy about the Game of Thrones saga and the rest of the world is waiting for the Xmen Apocalypse to come, I went for Ice Age. I’m not really a big fan of  Mike Thurmeier or Michael Berg. And although I knew I wouldn’t be able to see Adam Levine on screen, I …

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Jul 01


Cheers to the new President  

Jun 28

Just Moved In

Hi Guys, I’ve just moved in here from Let’s have an engaging site-warming chat.  Please stretch your patience, though as I’m still putting my amateur web development skill into test. Cheerio!

Jun 25



Paints and Quills says hello, world! Please stretch your patience as I’m still putting my amateur web development skill into practice.

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