Jun 01

Sunrise At Banat-i Hills

banat-i hills

I was a little bit anxious to climb Banat-i Hills alone (and for the first time). But my feet have a mind of their own so I didn’t have much choice. I brisked to a concrete road to a rocky one that led me up. The 35-minute walk was supposed to be boring but I met Kuya Frank, a frequent climber of Banat-i Hills. He became my tour guide first, and eventually became my friend.



I stopped when I reached the HNU retreat house because I thought it was the peak. But this energetic 70-year guy encouraged me to keep going so I could see the beautiful scenery up there. Kuya Frank was right all along.



banat-i Hills

Standing 146 meters above sea level, Banat-i hills is a paradise. Up there, I found a resting place as comforting as a hammock.

banat-i hills

I also had a clear view of the Bohol Sea, the mountains of Maribojoc, and the strait of Panglao Islandbanat-i hills

And of course, I was able to see the impressively beautiful sun revealing right before my eyes.




  1. iBoholana

    Lets go back there Eve! I love Banat-i Hill. Good hike and on top on the hill is just a stunning view apart from the beautiful sunrise.

    – iBoholana – Bohol Blogger

    1. Profile photo of eve winters
      eve winters

      Let’s gow. Yeah, so relaxing up there.

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