Jul 23

Bohol Celebrates Sandugo Festival 2016

Thousands of people gathered and filled the streets of Tagbilaran City as the City of Friendship’s Sandugo Festival came to a close on July 22, 2016. The celebration did not only commemorate the blood compact. It also showcased the province’s cultural values, friendship, and hospitality. The much-awaited Sandugo Street Dancing capped the month-long event with Brgy. Napo, Loon, Bohol contingent grabbing the Grand Prize. This year’s dancing competition was different from previous years as it featured Kuradang, a well-known lively festival dance in the Eastern Visayas.


Sandugo Festival 2016

Photo Credit: Philippine Information Agency Bohol Chapter

Since Boholanos have a knack for music, Sandugo Festival 2016 also braced the Song Festival, accepting unpublished song composition by Boholano amateur and professional songwriters. Other highlights of this yearly celebration were the annual reunion of Boholanos nationwide (Tigum Bol-anon Tibuok Pilipinas), the first Lalik Festival which displayed the carving tradition of the locals, the Sandugo Trade Fair, and Agri-Fair. The Ms. Bohol Sandugo 2016 was also one the best happenings. Tourists and locals stuffed themselves at International Fusion Nights as restaurants and hotels offered their menu to the public at very low prices. The crowd also rocked as the AirAsia’s Red Hot Party took place.


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