Jan 21

Bohol To Manila By Land


So you missed to book a flight on special and the idea of a long sea trip on a stormy season would make you vomit, and you can’t just delay  the holiday that you have been dreaming of. Frustrating, eh? Well, go pack up as there are two bus lines that will take you from Bohol to Manila. But before hopping on, here are some things that you need to know.


Prepare your camera and be ready to snap photos quickly as awestanding views appear right before your eyes. From the Last Forest Frontier of the Eastern Visayas to the country’s longest bridge to the perfectly shaped volcano to the roller-coaster roads atop cliff edges to the magnificent rivers and water bodies, the trip will definitely take your breath away.

bus bohol to manila




Sunset in Bato, Leyte




Starting at Php1650 (around 30USD), the fare is relatively cheaper than a regular airfare. And if you have a kid in tow (below 11 years old), you just need to pay for port terminal fees and ferry fares totaling about Php300.


Since fares don’t include meals, you can either bring your own food or if you have a strong tummy or you simply want to taste some delicacies, eating at stop-offs isn’t a bad idea. Food sold there are quite pricey though, like an instant coffee would cost Php25 and cup noodles are at Php40.


ID’s aren’t asked for and luggage aren’t inspected upon check-in. If this bothers you, don’t take the risk. Paranoia attack is also dreadful.


Buses don’t have Business Class seats so if you are looking for a bigger leg room, wait until the roll-on-roll-off ride to stretch. Some buses have no chemical toilet so you better hold your bladder until the next bus stop. And if paying Php5 in every stop would hurt your budget, limit your fluid intake.

on board Sta. Clara Shipping lines from Alen, Samar to Matnog, Sorsogon

on board Sta. Clara Shipping lines from Alen, Samar to Matnog, Sorsogon


If you are one lost soul, this day-and-a-half (or longer) trip will surely let you find yourself again (or so I thought). And if you get lucky, a complete stranger sitting next to you may become your best friend (or your forever).

Ready to be onboard? Catch the bus of your choice (Megabus or Silver Star) before they depart Ubay, Bohol at 1PM and hop off Pasay or Cubao in a day (or two).

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  1. seineevi


    Can I ask from you? if the bus will stop, how long? I mean do you we have ample time to look around the area.

    My mom really wants to try this (going to Manila by bus from Bohol).

    Do you have photos? or more details? thank you.

    1. Profile photo of allabouteve

      Sorry for the late revert. We can only stop for 30 minutes or so, just enough for meals and a few minutes of refreshing.

  2. Mariel

    can we book in advance?

    1. Profile photo of eve winters
      eve winters

      Hi Mariel, yes. They do accept advanced booking. Tip: Ask them the bus type (aircon or ordinary) too.

  3. jhen

    hello Where can i ride a bus if i am from tagbilaran bohol going to manila, thank you

    1. Profile photo of eve winters
      eve winters

      Hello Jhen, the Megabus/Silverstar bus station is at the Caltex station in Baguio Drive (Tiptip) but I think the bus will pass by Dunkin Donut at around 4AM

  4. Catherine T Perono

    i would like to ask how long would it take by bus from tagbilaran to pasay? how many days? and where to purchase the ticket? – salamat!

    1. Profile photo of eve winters
      eve winters

      Hi Catherine. The whole trip took us about a day and half. I got my ticket at the port of Ubay but I saw a ticket outlet in Mansasa Seaside, the road going to Baclayon.

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