Feb 25

Break Free, Break Laws, Go Zipbike

Traveling is not only about enjoying the view. It is also about experience nature and breaking laws, the law of gravity, in this case.

Growing up, I was timid, afraid to show who I really am and hesitant to say and ask what I really want. I always do what “pleases” others, not because I want to please them but mainly because it pleases me seeing them pleased. Then, a feeling of emptiness would begin when that “pleasant” feelings start to subside. And then, I’d be lost.

But when I started asking myself what I really want, a burning passion began. Goals followed, and eventually, I took action. I broke free from that “pleasing others” mentality. And it was only then that I learned to reveal who I really am and I understood that the reason I was afraid to come out from my shell is because I didn’t know what to show the world – because I didn’t know who I really am, and what I really want.

What this has to do with zipbike?  I don’t know, either. Maybe nothing. What I know is zipbiking and showing your real self feel the same. First, there is fear. But when you still do it despite your fear, you’ll get mixed emotions – worry that the harness would give in, or your friends would laugh at you, and excitement while enjoying the view or getting to know yourself better as well as the things you never knew you are capable of. Finally, when you are at the other end of the zipline, your fear disappears. You would feel you can do just everything. Whether your friends accept the real you and love you still or condemn and judge you, it doesn’t matter anymore. And that’s freedom. That’s breaking the norms. That’s listening to your inner voice. And that’s all that matters.



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