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Mar 15

My First Liebster Award

It’s an honor to be nominated by Shailesh Pahuja of My Heart On The Road for the Liebster Award. Shailesh is an adventurer and globe explorer who loves culture and people.   What is the Liebster Award? The Liebster Award is made by travel bloggers for travel bloggers and is a great opportunity to be more …

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Rock climb


Aug 20

Kawaii Cafe: The Newest Toast of Cebu City

Kawaii Cafe: The Newest Toast of Cebu City Every Thursday is just an ordinary rest day for me but last Thursday was different. I was not only able to spend quality time with Eve and Pierre but we we also had a chance to take part in the grand opening of Cebu’s newest hang out …

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Jun 26

Just Moved In

Hi Guys, I’ve just moved in here from Let’s have an engaging site-warming chat.  Please stretch your patience, though as I’m still putting my amateur web development skill into test. Cheerio!    

Jun 23

8 Reasons To Include Bohol on Your Bucket List

Growing up in a serene town of Bohol, Philippines, I cared less about the aromatic morning  smell of grasses blended with the scent of burned dried leaves. I didn’t pay much attention to the sight of mangroves crawling to the edge of the road. I didn’t give the famous Chocolate Hills a damn, either. Sometimes, I even wondered why …

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Jun 22

8 Things I Hate About Working From Home

It has always been my dream to stay at home and be a full-time wife and mom with some jobs on the side. But now that I am living the life that most moms and wives can only imagine, I wish I hadn’t given up my booming career in the corporate world. Why? Here are …

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Jun 20

8 Things You Will Miss When You Leave the Corporate World (To Work On Your Own)

It’s funny how we always think that there must be a better place for us than where we are currently at. We always believe that a more promising situation outside the corporate world awaits us. In my case, for instance, I had found working from home tempting. The idea of saving myself from the hurly-burly …

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Jun 19

For Papa

A shoutout to a dad who holds your hand and walks with you whenever you are hesitant to move forward. To a father who whispers you comforting words whenever you are in pain and have doubts in yourself; To a father who feeds you when you are hungry, and hugs you whenever you are afraid. …

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Jun 18

8 Things My Father Doesn’t Know

He doesn’t know he taught us to listen to what he was not saying. He is a man of few words so when he speaks, we pause and ponder (and at times, we panic). He doesn’t know he taught us to read between the lines. He is not the ‘i love you’ type but we …

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Jul 16

To The Left…To The Right

While following what seems to be right assures you a sense of belongingness, it still feels right to follow your heart. I was born left-handed but it didn’t bother me at all.  Being one was an advantage for me.  In fact, I was always fascinated to reversely write paragraphs in cursive.   This  “mirror-writing” ability (well, …

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