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Apr 13

The Pull of La Luna Sangre

The moon never fails to fascinate me, whether it’s a quarter or half or full. But when it’s big and round and near, it gives me an unfamiliar, mystical chill. It may be its gravitational pull that makes me literally uneasy (oh gosh…is this normal?). Or maybe I’m just overly reacting and imagining things. Last …

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Oct 29

X- Factor

  Chapter 1   It was already two in the morning but Tracy was still awake. Could it be the caffeine that she had at Starbucks earlier, or the slice of Black Forest cake that she took for dinner? She was not sure. She jumped off her bed and lit a stick of cigarette. She …

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Aug 25

Just the 3 of us sequel already rolling?

just the 3 of us parody

JUST THE 3 OF US IN THE MAKING Ooops… Not the movie you are looking for? Try this one.  

Aug 12


Put yourself in my shoes
  and I will walk barefoot

Put yourself in my shoes and I will walk barefoot (you have my shoes)

Jun 22

Red Blood Moon

I could feel it. Someone was following me. I turned around but I only saw darkness in the deserted street.  I hastened my steps. I didn’t look around. The dried leaves were rustling at my feet as the air rushing from my panic brushed them away. Then, I heard a growling sound. It was not …

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Jun 20

Arrivals and Departures

He came into her life in a flash. It was like a volt of lightning. He opened the door of his heart and he let her in. She was not prepared for this. She was hesitant as she knew that it would be a roller coaster ride. She wasn’t sure how it would end. She …

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Oct 15


He made no promises. No decent house. No fancy restaurants. No crafty tokens. No exclusive dates. No sweet nothings. He didn’t speak to her about marriage. He didn’t ask her about her thoughts, her dreams, her ideals. Yet, he was her world. He was her weakness.  Whenever he was beside her, she would melt. She …

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Oct 14


Like a volt of lightning, you came rushing in. You made a quick stop and opened your door. I was a bit surprised but then, I hopped in. Then, you stole my heart in a flash. You held it tight as we took that heart-pounding ride. I was at first hesitant, seeing danger that could possibly be …

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Sep 14

Thought Box

Her beauty dominates his thoughts. His love for her is clear. It overflows. Yet, for her, everything seems blurry as he keeps his silence.

Sep 09


She can resist it no more, no matter how hard she tried.  All of a sudden, her body began to ache.  Then, a soft, tiny ligament started to protrude on both the left and right portion of her back.  She tightly closed her eyes, thinking that it would help her ease the pain, but no…  The pain was …

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