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Nov 15

4 Lessons In Life That I Learned From Basic Photography

I used to believe that basic photography is just a point-click thing so when Shaw Academy offered free courses, I gave it a miss over Graphic Design. It was only when I found the long lost camera my sister-in-law gave that my interest in photography has reached its peak. Peering through the faulty camera’s viewfinder, …

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Sep 16

The Groovy Life of Lei

She’s a woman of fashion and style. She’s fierce. She walks with grace and confidence like that of a Runway supermodel. She speaks her heart out. And when she speaks, everyone listens – even the local radio stations in France (attempt to ignore her and she will curse you in French – with no distinct …

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Sep 12

8 Things I Love Being in Midlife Crisis

  Okay, I’m not really sure if I’m in midlife crisis but the symptoms are all there. (And unless I would see a doctor, they would remain symptoms.) But whatever stage of life I’m experiencing right now, I’m embracing it. I’m savoring every moment of it and I’m loving it. This state of life has …

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Aug 30

One More Time

Have you ever wished of owning a magic mouse that would take you back to your past and change something there, or pause the time so you could stay there for as long as you want, in just one click? Have you ever thought of changing your past to have a better future? Well, you …

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Aug 02

Snowpy And Me

I had always thought that a cone of ice cream would make my day and a cup of coffee would whip me up to keep on writing no matter how bad my day goes. I had always thought that chocolates would redeem me from being down until a dear friend who has been successful in …

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Oct 25

Dream On and Make it Come True

I had always been dreaming that someday, I would be an author – a best-selling author.  I had always been wishing that someday, I would be able to do what I love. I had always been wondering that maybe I couldn’t be happier when that day came. So, I decided to make that someday today.

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