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Apr 14

Mmmmmmm Stands For Chef M

Dinner was already served but my tastebuds are still looking for something. I have already taken my coffee but it looks like my fourth cup for the day wasn’t enough. In an attempt to let the idea of gorging on leftovers slip my mind, I scrolled the gallery of my phone. At first, it was …

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Apr 09

One Summer Morn In Astoria Bohol

I seldom see the sun as it rises (only when I work all night long until daybreak). I’m not an early riser, so to speak. But waking up at four in the morning to get myself ready for a visit to Astoria Bohol was worth it.     Astoria Bohol is just 10 minutes away …

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Dec 01

A Friday Night At Alfonso Pizzeria

(This isn’t a second-rate horror video game. Don’t expect talking bears or bunnies or scary animatronics here, just delectable pizza.)   Friday nights are supposed to be spent at home (not that I have a boring life. It’s just that I no longer look forward to weekends   and holidays as much as I did …

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Nov 07

Kawaii Cafe: Take Two

Last Thursday’s weather wasn’t perfect but I couldn’t turn down a tempting invite. So I went out, braved the rain, and made my way to Kawaii cafe. Yes, to Kawaii Cafe again. Why? Because there is something in there that pulls me back. It could be the instrumental music that filled the air, or the …

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Aug 02

Snowpy And Me

I had always thought that a cone of ice cream would make my day and a cup of coffee would whip me up to keep on writing no matter how bad my day goes. I had always thought that chocolates would redeem me from being down until a dear friend who has been successful in …

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Jul 24

8 Wowing Coffee Shops in Cebu

I’m not a coffee connoisseur. I’m not even a good critic so if you don’t want a biased answer from me, don’t ask me which one tastes the best. Why? Because I’m a coffee addict. Whether what’s in my cup is locally prepared or brewed, or a 3-in-one instant mix, may it be with chocolate …

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