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Communication Meltdown

communication meltdown digital art

Communication Meltdown


Hell on stick- a lit match art

lit match art

Hell on stick- a lit match art.

3D fire digital art

A fire can light-or it can burn!


Rock climb


Aug 27


when you're so excited to see the sundown but realized it's on the other side of the earth, just enjoy the clouds

Aug 27

Blue Flame Abstract Digital Art

abstract blue flame art

Blue Flame Abstract Digital Art

Aug 19

Photo Manipulation: Tangled Vines

tangled vine

Tangled Vines- a digitally manipulated photo.

Aug 17

Are you ready to experience Windows 11?

windows 11 logo

  The iconic Operating System Windows 10 which was released last July 2015 introduced the so-called “universal apps” which can be designed to run on PCs, tablets, smartphones and other devices without changing much of the codes. It comes with a concept of an “operating system as a service” that is updated continuously to improve …

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Aug 14

Then and Now- Remembering What Makes us Look Up

comparison before and after

Then and Now. Outdoor vs Indoor Kid We used to play a lot outside. Playing war games with toy guns (that’s gangsta compared to that first person shooter game that makes┬ákids loot their parent’s pocket), running around, wounding our knees and going home crying at times were our usual daily routine. Life was simpler back …

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Aug 12


Put yourself in my shoes
  and I will walk barefoot

Put yourself in my shoes and I will walk barefoot (you have my shoes)

Aug 12

Dance Evolution Timeline- Missing Link Found!

dance evolution graphics

DANCE EVOLUTION   Scientists have already discovered the dance evolution “missing link”. From hominid primates to homo habilis to homo erectus to homo neanderthalensis to the running man during the 1980s to present. From 23 million years ago to present.

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