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This category showcases ordinary people with extraordinary, inspiring stories- stories that deserve to be on the limelight. And I'm starting with people in my circle. If you have an inspiring story to tell, feel free to inbox me and I'll get it covered.

Oct 25

Bohol Bloggers Collective Don’t Just Blog

Wohoo! With unexpected meet-ups with five friends, four kiddy temper ┬átantrums, close encounters with three beauty queens, two noteworthy events and one sumptous dinner, this day is truly overwhelming. But I’m not going to write about today. Gratitude fills my heart today and that’s what I want to point out. After quitting my job and …

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Sep 16

The Groovy Life of Lei

She’s a woman of fashion and style. She’s fierce. She walks with grace and confidence like that of a Runway supermodel. She speaks her heart out. And when she speaks, everyone listens – even the local radio stations in France (attempt to ignore her and she will curse you in French – with no distinct …

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Aug 28


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Aug 25

8 Facts About Ally Arguelles

Not everyone knows her but Ally Arguelles is one of my favorite rising stars. I have strong hopes that she would become popular someday. I’m sure she would be a hot topic in the future and I want to be the first one to write about her (yey! It will make me famous, too! Lol!). …

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Aug 18

Shunki Matsushima: From Balloon Artist to Coffee Prince

Aheerm. Move over, Lee Min Ho of Seoul, Korea. Make way for Shunki Matsushima of Fukuoka City, Japan. I first saw him in the street near our office. He and his friends were trying to make a living, peddling karaage for Php3 each. Two years later, I saw him in a cafe – in his …

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Jul 12

Rotsen’s Eyes


A guy with an envelope on his hand approached to ask me if I could be a sitter. I was dumbfounded, of course. But before I gave him that same smile Rose gave to Jack, I sipped Pierre’s melting left-over ice cream. We were at the perfect place. I was seated on a bench beside …

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Jun 19

For Papa

A shoutout to a dad who holds your hand and walks with you whenever you are hesitant to move forward. To a father who whispers you comforting words whenever you are in pain and have doubts in yourself; To a father who feeds you when you are hungry, and hugs you whenever you are afraid. …

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Jun 18

8 Things My Father Doesn’t Know

He doesn’t know he taught us to listen to what he was not saying. He is a man of few words so when he speaks, we pause and ponder (and at times, we panic). He doesn’t know he taught us to read between the lines. He is not the ‘i love you’ type but we …

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