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Apr 13

The Pull of La Luna Sangre

The moon never fails to fascinate me, whether it’s a quarter or half or full. But when it’s big and round and near, it gives me an unfamiliar, mystical chill. It may be its gravitational pull that makes me literally uneasy (oh gosh…is this normal?). Or maybe I’m just overly reacting and imagining things. Last …

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Nov 01

4 Reasons Why An Unrequitted Love Isn’t A Bad Thing

Loving someone without getting the same love in return can be painful in the beginning, frustrating in the middle, and exhausting in the end. But I was able to take  the pain to my advantage until I got past the heartache. And it was only then that I learned that being in a one-sided love …

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Sep 23

5 Reasons Why You Are Being Ghosted

He showered you with compliments that made you feel you’re the most beautiful person on earth. He did every means just to be with you. He offered you the world. And then you fell into his trap, into his captive arms. You fell in love. And all of the sudden, he was gone. Sounds familiar?  How …

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Sep 12

8 Things I Love Being in Midlife Crisis

  Okay, I’m not really sure if I’m in midlife crisis but the symptoms are all there. (And unless I would see a doctor, they would remain symptoms.) But whatever stage of life I’m experiencing right now, I’m embracing it. I’m savoring every moment of it and I’m loving it. This state of life has …

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Aug 30

One More Time

Have you ever wished of owning a magic mouse that would take you back to your past and change something there, or pause the time so you could stay there for as long as you want, in just one click? Have you ever thought of changing your past to have a better future? Well, you …

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Rock climb


Aug 27


when you're so excited to see the sundown but realized it's on the other side of the earth, just enjoy the clouds

Aug 27


The Climb

Aug 07

What The Bell Pepper Teaches

Hold on, I’m not posting this because they’re bell peppers of extraordinary variety. They’re just organic and ordinary. But how I got them (and how much I got them for) is a different story. The sun was shining crazy that day. Pierre and I were catching for a multicab, a jeepney-like public transport, that would take us …

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Aug 02

Snowpy And Me

I had always thought that a cone of ice cream would make my day and a cup of coffee would whip me up to keep on writing no matter how bad my day goes. I had always thought that chocolates would redeem me from being down until a dear friend who has been successful in …

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