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Nov 15

4 Lessons In Life That I Learned From Basic Photography

I used to believe that basic photography is just a point-click thing so when Shaw Academy offered free courses, I gave it a miss over Graphic Design. It was only when I found the long lost camera my sister-in-law gave that my interest in photography has reached its peak. Peering through the faulty camera’s viewfinder, …

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Sep 23

5 Reasons Why You Are Being Ghosted

He showered you with compliments that made you feel you’re the most beautiful person on earth. He did every means just to be with you. He offered you the world. And then you fell into his trap, into his captive arms. You fell in love. And all of the sudden, he was gone. Sounds familiar?  How …

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Aug 30

One More Time

Have you ever wished of owning a magic mouse that would take you back to your past and change something there, or pause the time so you could stay there for as long as you want, in just one click? Have you ever thought of changing your past to have a better future? Well, you …

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Rock climb


Aug 27


when you're so excited to see the sundown but realized it's on the other side of the earth, just enjoy the clouds

Aug 27

leaving behind

Aug 27


The Climb

Aug 08

Charcoal and Eyelashes

I love watching him sleep. Maybe it’s because of his long and curvy eyelashes or it may be because of his innocence. Whatever it is, I have given up writing tonight to capture this sweet little angel’s face with my charcoal pencil.

Jul 30

What’s for dinner tonight?

Cat Meme What’s for dinner? A purr- ridge. assures no cat is harmed during the photoshoot. Warning: The following photoshoot features stunt performed by a professional cat. Do not let your pet try this at home or anywhere.

Jul 28

Bawal sukatin ang wedding gown…

Pamahiin na dapat sundin. Bawal sukatin ang gown! Huwag mong sukatin ang wedding gown bago kayo ikasal… Kung ikaw ang groom!

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