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Mar 11

Frozen Characters

frozen modeling clay

These Frozen characters were molded by a 7-year-old boy.  

Mar 05

Dr. Joanne J. Flores – The Paddling Dentist

As a well-sought dentist in town and beyond, she might have been seen in her scrub suit and a dental handpiece on one hand or a sickle probe on the other. But once she’s off from duty, she will be holding a baseball bat, a racket or a paddle.  Dr. Joanne J. Flores just can’t resist …

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Rock climb


Aug 27


when you're so excited to see the sundown but realized it's on the other side of the earth, just enjoy the clouds

Aug 08

Charcoal and Eyelashes

I love watching him sleep. Maybe it’s because of his long and curvy eyelashes or it may be because of his innocence. Whatever it is, I have given up writing tonight to capture this sweet little angel’s face with my charcoal pencil.

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