Apr 14

Mmmmmmm Stands For Chef M

Dinner was already served but my tastebuds are still looking for something. I have already taken my coffee but it looks like my fourth cup for the day wasn’t enough.

In an attempt to let the idea of gorging on leftovers slip my mind, I scrolled the gallery of my phone. At first, it was effective. But when I came across some photos of Chef M delicacies, my cravings came back and doubled up.

Chef M

Chef M’s mouth-watering special torta

I bit my lips as I recalled how cheesy their ensaymadas and tortas are. And the memoire of their special silvannas that once melted in my mouth has made me drool. Their special mamons that come in four different flavors, topped with cheese and butter are tempting me. I remember how I gobbled a few slices of their spongy chiffon cake. All of their specialties have matched my taste and I’m dying to savor them once more. (Geee!!! What’s going on with my hypothalamus right now? And why it has to be on a Good Friday?)

chef m silvanas

Special silvannas that melt in your mouth

Choco and Berry flavored silvanas

Choco and Berry flavored silvanas

If I have aroused your appetite, I probably owe you some information about Chef M. Chef M bakes with love and caters happiness not only to consumers in Tubigon, Bohol but also to locals from neighboring towns. Lining up on their shelves are freshly baked breads, cakes, pastries, and even butter toasts and garlic sticks.
IMG_20170219_081248For inquiries and orders, they can be reached on 09177193777 or 09328555416 email them at chefmfoodspecialties@gmail.com. Or if you are living nearby, you may visit the bakeshop in Tubigon Commercial Complex, Tubigon, Bohol.

I’ll give these delectable pastries a miss for now. For now, I’ll just keep my faith on the adageĀ mind over matter”. Perhaps, I’ll just dream about them for now.

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