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8 Wowing Coffee Shops in Cebu

I’m not a coffee connoisseur. I’m not even a good critic so if you don’t want a biased answer from me, don’t ask me which one tastes the best. Why? Because I’m a coffee addict. Whether what’s in my cup is locally prepared or brewed, or a 3-in-one instant mix, may it be with chocolate or milk, I won’t mind. I won’t mind at all if it came from a cat poop. I just love coffee. And if there were coffee-flavored fresh fruits and vegetables in the market, I would be on a salad diet.

I can give you a list of the best coffee shops but it won’t be based on their best-selling coffee itself. And forget about the aroma because this post isn’t about it either. This is about the ambiance. Here are 8 coffee shops in Cebu that take pride in their onliest setting.

Coffee Prince

coffee shops in Cebu

Photo Source: Coffee Prince

A residence-turned-cafe nestled in Capitol Site will give you a homey atmosphere. This coffee shop has a room for stuffed toys, making it a child (and child-like) friendly hangout place. Aside from healthy dishes that this Korean cafe offers, Poetry Nights and Live Art Nights are the reasons why people come back here.

Kawaii Cafe


Photo Source: Kawaii Cafe

Do you love anime? This one’s for you, then. Once you are here, you will forget that you are amidst the busy life of the city’s university belt. Take your anime-watching session to the next level with your favorite blend, wearing a casual summer kimono called Yukata.

Dolce Cafe Belle Fleur

coffee shops in cebu

Photo Source: Joyce Bandala

Located in Panorama Heights, Nivel Hills, this classy cafe has a nice glimpse of the whole city. No wonder it is one of Tripzilla’s top ten coffee shops in the Philippines with breathtaking views.

Cafe Tiala

cafe tiala

Photo Source: Cafe Tiala

Be a princess (or a snowman) for a day in this pink room. This Korean cafe is indeed creative with its dollhouse interior. What’s unique about this boutique is that they observe an hour of candle-lit date as their way of saving Mother Earth, I suppose.

Butterbean Cookie Factory


Photo Source: Jaypee Mark

Okay, as its name suggests, Butterbean Cookie Factory is not just for coffee junkies. Other desserts are also on their menu. And the best part is, you can make your own ice cream here. And the place, it’s so cozy.

Civet Cafe


Photo Source: Jaypee Mark

See how happy this guy with his grande here? His smile says it all. There’s no need for me to tell what this luxury coffee shop has on hand for you.

Brique Modern Kitchen


Photo grabbed: @davecelofficial I Brique Modern Kitchen

This is one of the cozy and classy coffee shops I have ever been to. It’s actually more of a restaurant of modern cuisine with a suburb ambiance and a Starbucks service.

Sunday 2PM Cafe



Photo grabbed: Shey Alicaway

If killing the time is your favorite past-time, this place is for you. The clock here is set to 2PM – permanently. With more than a thousand books at your disposal, this cafe will be mistaken as a library. But if you are not a bookworm, watch DVD for free instead. For selfie addicts, take a picture of yourself with their SLR or Polaroid and hang it there as proof of your visit.

So take a break and raise your caffeine level up in any of these wow-some shops.


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  1. Chubskulit Rose

    The charcoal drawing is awesome. I don’t drink coffee anymore but am sure coffee lovers appreciate these places.

  2. Nova

    Great tips and the places for where to find great coffees in that area, soon i might be needing this page to see if somewhere is nearby.

  3. FX777 Classified Articles

    Coffee shops are more versatile and very classy to dine with….especially these in Cebu. Hope they’ll sustain the business competition in the market. Fernando Lachica

  4. ozjacaranda

    Hello there! I have never been to Cebu but would love to visit one day and see the beautiful tourist spots there. These coffee shops are great! My hubby drinks coffee and we always search for good coffee shops. I am happy with hot chocolate. Butterbean coffee factory looks inviting for me.

  5. Teresa Martinez

    I have to limit my intake coffee for the past few months so I do relish the very few times I give in to its delicious taste especially in a nice coffee shop such as those mentioned above.

  6. Zwitsy

    I haven’t been in Cebu for that long and I have only known the coffee prince but nonetheless, sure that these are one of the reasons why we should visit the island. On the other hand, I have a friend who featured the hello kitty shop. Are you familiar with it?

  7. msculit

    Like you, I’m also not an expert in coffee but I have a few certain brand that I love to drink. Sometimes, the ones in sachets are the best like the Kopiko hahaha

  8. Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen

    I am also a coffee lover and I love visiting coffee shop. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll make sure to drop by these shops when in Cebu.

  9. Lainy

    I have been to Cebu once, some eons ago and would love to come back in the future. I don’t drink coffee but your post is sooo tempting! I could almost smell the coffee aroma from where I am at the moment. Haha!

  10. carenmeman

    these are all in Bohol right? I am now intrigued with the cafe and cakes especially the seemingly black one on your photo. I agree with sis Ria best ones are Kopiko!!!

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