Jun 20

8 Things You Will Miss When You Leave the Corporate World (To Work On Your Own)

leaving the corporate world

It’s funny how we always think that there must be a better place for us than where we are currently at. We always believe that a more promising situation outside the corporate world awaits us. In my case, for instance, I had found working from home tempting. The idea of saving myself from the hurly-burly of going to and from the office would make me feverish. For me, working from home is synonymous to having an unlimited time-off. I was sure I would never ever miss anything if I had to leave the corporate life for this dream job. Yes, I was right about it but it didn’t last long. After a couple months of working from home, certain things that only my day job could offer had awakened me to reality. Here are 8 things that I miss (and I’m sure you will miss them too if you decide to work on your own) that only my day job could offer.



I admit it, I’m not the Ms. Congeniality type of colleague but I definitely have friends who would give me a laugh during crunch times. I miss the friendly competition with them, not to mention the afternoon gossips and giggles we shared.


You think I’m a little hypocrite on this? Think twice because I’m not talking about the pressure they create or the deadlines they set on you. I’m talking about the empowering words they tell you on your ‘quitting moments’, the constructive criticisms (and the bullying) which would push your limits, and the pat on the back you would get from them for a job well done.

Performance Review

If you work on your own, you can postpone your goal setting and target hitting sessions to your most convenient time. This would also mean that performance reviews would be out of the picture if you are not that motivated.

Dressing Up

No matter how time consuming it can be, I miss being at my best outfit. Going to the office on your best dress and stilettos really feels different than working on your favorite floral pajamas that you have been wearing since the other day. Blame it on bedweather-days. And what’s the sense of dressing up while working from home when you only have your toddler (and his dogs) to run after during your break time? No crushes around, so you’ll surely miss your OOTD.

End-of-shift Gathering

Working hard would also mean partying hard. You know that feeling when there are only a few minutes left before your shift ends and your feet couldn’t stay put any longer? You turn your computer off to do some retouching and packing up. Then, you wait for the clock to strike on the dot to finally go out clubbing.

Corporate Parties and Summer Outings

Enjoy those company-paid events and luxurious summer outings while you can because they won’t have a place on your calendar when you are already self-employed unless splurging and throwing your own party is on your bucket list.

Rush-Hour Race

Trust me, I’m not a fan of exercising but working 28 kilometers (17.39 miles) from home, I would be forced to show some stunts in chasing public transports. The Apocalyptic days would be over once you work from home and the bed would become your best friend.


The best part of working in the corporate is that you will still get paid although you are just faking productivity. When you work on your own, getting paid without working would be next to impossible.

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