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Dagon Sa Hoyohoy: The Musical


Dagon Sa Hoyohoy

Photo By X-Marc Ronquillo


Produced by KASING SINING TEATRO BOL-ANON ENSEMBLE in collaboration with the Provincial Government of Bohol, Congressman Rene Relampagos, and the National Commission for Culture and the Arts, the Dagon Sa Hoyohoy premiere show held last September 28, 2016, was indeed a blast. Kasing Sining’s Creative Director, Gardy Labad, the Staging Director Rodolfo Cuhit, the librettist Marianito Luspo, the musical arranger Elvis Somosot, choreographers Jay Banquil, Marvin Ablao, and Keats Ronquillo, and the performers had nailed it!  The show had me glued to my seat (except when I was taking pictures) with goosebumps all throughout.

Dagon Sa Hoyohoy depicts the life of a Boholano hero, Francisco Dagohoy. Believed to have an amulet (dagon) and charm of the soft breeze (hoyohoy), the young Francisco was provoked when a Spanish priest, Father Morales, refused to give his brother, Sagarino, a decent burial.  Dagohoy’s vengeance lasted for 85 years, making it the longest revolt in the Philippine history. 


Photo By X-Marc Ronquillo

Photo By X-Marc Ronquillo

History always bores me, but this musical is an exception. Maybe if I had watched this when I was still in the university, I would have aced my History class.  This theatrical show had drawn me for an hour and a quarter with its strong start, powerful ending and drama in between. The scenes were so intense that I couldn’t blink. The fighting scene was a mixture of dance moves and martial arts. It was so heart-thumping that I found myself holding my breath. And the death scene was so tearjerking. so full of emotions. I cried not because someone died but because the artists were so into it. I could feel their grief and loathing. Their acting and singing were truly phenomenal, far beyond compare. I wouldn’t be surprised if I would see them perform in international theaters someday.

Photo By Liza Macalandag

Photo By Liza Macalandag

I still can’t get over it and I want to watch it again and again.

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