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Dr. Joanne J. Flores – The Paddling Dentist

As a well-sought dentist in town and beyond, she might have been seen in her scrub suit and a dental handpiece on one hand or a sickle probe on the other. But once she’s off from duty, she will be holding a baseball bat, a racket or a paddle.  Dr. Joanne J. Flores just can’t resist the outdoor. From cycling to baseball to mountainclimbing, to kayaking, to table tennis, to basketball, and even to streetdancing, she can’t get enough of these and does all of those with enthusiasm. She must have an energy booster running through her veins.


Grand Canyon Skywalk Photo from J.J. Flores

Grand Canyon Skywalk
Photo from J.J. Flores

Street dancing, eh?

Street dancing, eh?

On one of her treks

On one of her treks


joanne j. flores

Joanne as Timon

One of her best-loved physical pursuits is dragonboat paddling. Her passion for this sport shows on her broad shoulders, well-toned muscles and sun-kissed skin.  Plus, casual conversations with her always lead to dragonboat topics. And the glow in her eyes are always evident whenever she talks about it. And the best part is she spreads her fondness and skills to aspiring paddlers.

All her efforts didn’t go unnoticed. Joanne’s name roared when  she and another Boholana dragonboat enthusiast, Atty. Rain Calimbayan and the PDBF Alliance, took home gold medals from the 21st Annual International Dragonboat Festival and Northern California International Dragonboat Race in September 2016.


dragonboat joanne j. flores

At Lake Merritt during the Northern California Dragonboat Race
Photo grabbed from J. Flores

Joanne’s love for paddling is also obvious on her work of art. (Yes, this active molecule has a hand for palettes and paintbrushes, and a mind with mindblowing ideas.) Being a member of the Baji Arts Collective as well as the Baji Dragonboat Women’s Team, she spent sleepless nights to bring these two crazes into one beautiful masterpiece – Baji Acrylic on wood painting.

Her Obra maestra for Baji exhibit Picture from Joanne

Her Obra maestra for Baji exhibit
Picture from Joanne

Paddling isn’t easy. But with her constant practice and gusto, Joanne J. Flores beat the heat of the sun, and even the cold icy river in Australia, making her a world-class athlete.

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