Dec 05

For The Love of Fred

November 21, 2016 wasn’t just an ordinary night at Fred’s Book Cafe. It was a night full of love – a love that comes in a flash, a love that leaves in a rush, a love that waits, a love that keeps on coming back, a love left unspoken, a love that’s gone forever, a love that remains, a ¬†love for pets, for the country, for others, and for one’s self. It was all about love.

fred's book cafe

It was also a night full of fun as poets, performers, book enthusiasts, ¬†coffee lovers, and audiences of all ages gathered before a fireplace. It was a night of lines and rhymes as poem readers took turns to recite. It was a Poetry night at Fred’s Book Cafe and it happened on their first anniversary.

The night was also a celebration as its even host, the Bohol Bloggers Collective, launches its Book Drive, an initiative to show their love for elementary school kids through book donation.

The night was also full of surprises. Served with crisps and chips, boggled with trivia games from Greek Mythology to Shakespeare to Harry Potter and The Alchemist, plus lslots of cupcakes, chocolates, and journals as prizes, and coffee and drinks on the sides, no one went home heartbroken.

fred's book cafe

It was also a night far beyond forgetting. And it was made possible because of love. For Fred’s Book Cafe was not only built of love. It is also a witness of love stories. A love story that blooms, and grows, and even one that withers and blues.

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