Dec 01

A Friday Night At Alfonso Pizzeria

(This isn’t a second-rate horror video game. Don’t expect talking bears or bunnies or scary animatronics here, just delectable pizza.)alfonso pizzeria


Friday nights are supposed to be spent at home (not that I have a boring life. It’s just that I no longer look forward to weekends   and holidays as much as I did when I had a day job.) But over two Fridays ago, I spent it with a long-lost-and-now-found friend at Alfonso Pizzeria Tagbilaran.

Joanne and I hadn’t seen each other for more than a decade so I couldn’t trade this chance for a lonesome self-talk at home.

The pizzeria is so easy to find as it is located along the junction. Wooden arrows pointing East and West make the signage unique and distinct. (One wrong turn and you will find yourself either in Paris or New York) Plus, Joanne knows this place so well.



The open-air table set has made our catch up more casual that we chatted about everything for nearly three hours, from snippets of the 19  years of being apart, to dragonboats and yachts, to paintings and travels and teeth. But mostly we talked about our dreams  for the next nineteen years.


I was all ears on her for the first few minutes but when the big Aloha was served, I was distracted.


I can live without pizza but this Hawaiian goodness topped with ham, pineapple, and parmesan cheese made me change my mind. Its tempting smell has led me to commit one of the seven deadly sins – gluttony. Like, I gobbled seven slices of it while listening to Joanne’s out-of-this-world’s heart-pounding adventures (I hoped she didn’t notice).

The evening was still young when we finished the wood-brick-oven-prepared pizza but thankfully, the pizzeria closes at nine. It was to my advantage because I couldn’t say no to another gluttonic round.


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