Dec 01

Happy Birthday Sarah Ladeza

15235844_374760926202353_3482868720779821719_oSince I can’t give her a ukulele on her birthday, the best thing I can do is not to bully her…at least for today. And I think backlinking is a kind of sweet surprise she will be thankful for.

Sarah Ladeza and I barely know each other’s personal details so I really have no idea how old she has turned today. Geez… I have even greeted her three days ago, hoping that my wild guess was right. I don’t know her favorite color, either and I don’t know what song will make her cry.

All I know is this girl in shirt and shorts and flipflops or sneakers who loves spoken poetry can eat fried chicken all her life.

sarah ladeza

Photo grabbed from Sarah Ladeza

sarah ladeza

Picture from Sarah

All I know is that this girl who sings her heart out has a big…heart (yes, heart because I promised not to bully her today). A big heart and a great mind. A heart that loves and cares so much and a mind that thinks of others before herself. A dedicated member of the Bohol Bloggers Collective, this girl is committed to give her 200 percent effort for the benefit of the team. Like, she can be what she is not. I mean, she is willing to outgrow herself to help others. Like, she complains she doesn’t have a green thumb but she planted trees, anyway. And as an official hugoterang Boholana, this romantic girl knows the language of love more than I do.13612347_1788464194717656_1492202801290580587_n

To the life and style blogger and candid princess behind http://sarahladeza.com, http://sugbu.ph, and some bashing site I don’t want to mention without her permission, to a friend whom I can share my dark secrets with, to a confidently gorgeous girl wrapped with wit and music, Happy birthday. Continue to be a blessing and inspiration to others. Have a blast, Sarah dear. Loveyah to bits

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