Mar 09

HG Studio Makes Humpday Busy

Humpdays are supposed to be a lax day for make-up artists. Why? Because it is unusual for most of them to get booked for a wedding on an ordinary weekday. But it isn’t true for HG Studio. While it is a challenge for most make-up artists, HG Studio got not just one but two weddings on a Wednesday. This upscale make-up and photography studio is an exeption.

So what do they do differently? In closing a deal with clients, having an impressive make-up artist portfolio really counts. But retaining them is another story. And it doesn’t only require expertise in their chosen fields. It also requires people skills. Clients want someone who connects with them, someone who does jobs professionally with some kind of a personal touch. And that’s the difference that HG Studio renders.

Led by a most-sought International Airbrush Specialist, Hazel Gonzales, HG Studio takes pride in treating their clients as stars. As a professional bridal make-up artist and First Prestige Member of the United Make-Up Artists in the Philippines, Hazel has mastered her craft from around the world to unleash the beauty of her models with her airbrush strokes. Hazel has a knack in turning an ordinary woman into a head-turner beauty, revealing each of their glamour and sophistication that’s next to perfection.  

Hazel Gonzales, the lady with a magical touch

Hazel Gonzales, the lady with a magical touch

Not only that. HG Studio is not just about make-up. They work hand in hand with photographers, event coordinators, and hairstylists, making the venue as a one-stop shop for their clients. No wonder they get a fair share in the wedding world. 

The make-up artist’s playground and photographer’s hub warmly welcomes its guests in Torre Venezia Suites, Timog Avenue, Quezon City. Here are some of HG Studio’s masterpieces.

hg studio

Hg studio


Want some more? http://www.hgstudio.asia has a lot more in store. 


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