Apr 11

4 Ways To Fall For Ingkumhan Falls


Wondering how far your Php20 can go? Imagine this.

Hiding in the middle of a woodland in Barangay Bauhugan, Dimiao, about five kilometers away from the poblacion, is the unexplored Ingkumhan falls. Streaming from approximately 30 meters above, Ingkumhan Falls is the most distinct waterfall that I have seen, so far.

The Caves

The calm lagoon where the clear emerald green water drops are fenced with trees, making it look enchanted. Guarded with nature-carved rocks forming like caverns , Ingkumhan Falls looks captivating yet mysterious.

Ingkumhan falls

ingkumhan falls

The Fun

Water rafting is one of the activities that this ecotourism spot has to offer. And if you are gutsy enough, you can take your excitement to the next level by diving from trees into the depths of Ingkumhan’s natural pool. The rope-swinging and somersaulting is also a heart-pounding adventure you don’t want to miss.

Ingkumhan falls



If you just want to sit back and relax, cottages are available for rent. But my favorite nook was up there, where the water comes from – where I can rest my feet and get an unobstructed sight of swimmers, divers, and swingers without them knowing.

The Other Side

A few meters away from the rapid is a diverse scenic point that promises to give you a some sense of inner peace – a perfect spot for soul-searching or solitude or for some yoga, blogger or goddess poses.

ingkumhan falls

Photo taken by Rjane Alcantara of WhenInBohol


The Challenge

Getting there wasn’t as easy as I thought. We had to work our way down to the base. But the trod along a narrow path and the descent on a hundredish-step rock staircase was so worth it. Though it was a little challenge, every muscle pain was paid off by a magnificent view.

Captured by Keats Ronquillo of BoholEyes

Photo by Keats Ronquillo of Bohol Eyes

Photo by Keats Ronquillo of Bohol Eyes

Ingkumhan Falls is just one of Bohol’s nature wonders waiting to be explored and known – a virgin place that is worth discovering.

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