Nov 07

Kawaii Cafe: Take Two

Last Thursday’s weather wasn’t perfect but I couldn’t turn down a tempting invite. So I went out, braved the rain, and made my way to Kawaii cafe.

Yes, to Kawaii Cafe again. Why? Because there is something in there that pulls me back. It could be the instrumental music that filled the air, or the welcoming smiles of the baristas, or the comfortable Japanese-y feel. Or it could be all of them.

kawaii cafe cebu


Shunki, the cafe owner, smiled as he led me to the counter to order. And since I hadn’t taken my lunch, I went for a rice meal and pancakes! (Blame my appetite on the weather, ayt?)

Waiting for my food was the best time to take a look around. And though that was my second visit, it still felt like my first. Not that I have a memory like that of the 50 First Dates But it felt like the first time because of these animé drawings that covered a corner.



kawaii cafe anime

Meet Shunki

And this yellow little friend that would watch you when you sip.img_20130103_071001


I settled upstairs to get a little privacy.


But before I had the chance to embrace solitude, my Omurice and Taiyaki arrived.

Kawaii Cafe’s Omurice isn’t just an ordinary fried rice and omelette with ketchup. It was creatively designed that I found it hard to eat it.



And these fish-shaped cakes with chocolate filling went perfect with my strawberry smoothie.


Tip: Taiyaki tastes best when hot.

Tip: Taiyaki tastes best when hot.

The Japanese afternoon experience was wrapped up with this young entrepreneur’s inspiring stories and a vision to make a change.


Hmmm… The first visit was a hello and the second was definitely not a Goodbye.


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