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Kawaii Cafe: The Newest Toast of Cebu City

kawaii cafe

Kawaii Cafe: The Newest Toast of Cebu City

Every Thursday is just an ordinary rest day for me but last Thursday was different. I was not only able to spend quality time with Eve and Pierre but we we also had a chance to take part in the grand opening of Cebu’s newest hang out venue for students and office workers who are looking for something unique and different.

When we arrived, some cafe staff were taking orders while some of them were assisting customers in changing their attire to traditional Japanese costume. Other customers were comfortably sitting and chatting with their friends while enjoying their smoothie and coffee. Some of them were also busy taking selfies dressed in traditional Japanese costume, and the rest were watching anime show.


Being a coffeeholic, Eve wasted no time in ordering coffee mocha while Pierre fascinated himself with free Japanese candies. Everyone seemed so excited and enthusiastic.


What’s with Kawaii Cafe?

Being true to its name, Kawaii Cafe proves to be a cute and friendly place to go to after a stressful day at work or in school. Everyone in here was so giddy sipping the coffee of their choice, settling themselves on the Japanese inspired table setting.

The Yukata

After ordering, Eve and Pierre enjoyed themselves selecting costumes for their own photo ops. Eve chose a floral red one while Pierre tried a black yukata a la Japanese warrior.

yukata in kawaii cafe

The Man Behind Kawaii Cafe

Shortly after taking some selfies, we were joined by the cafe’s owner, Shunki Matsushima, a young Japanese entrepreneur who started as an English language student. As he fell in love with Cebu and its people, he later on decided to stay here to put up his own business with the aim of helping local residents in his own little way. Together with his business partner Aldan Cristino, it took him a year from conceptualizing and planning to construction before the cafe started its operation. And based on customer’s responses, it’s quite obvious that one year is worth the wait.

Authentic Japanese Food

Kawaii Cafe offers smoothies with three different flavors: strawberry, citrus and Oreo. The cafe also serves flavored soda wherein you can choose from peach, strawberry, apple or curacao. There’s also flavored tea and green tea matcha. For coffee lovers, Kawaii has espresso, americano, coffee latte, cappuccino and coffee mocha. If you need a full meal, Kawaii has ramen, gyudon, kare rice, and omu rice with most of the main ingredients imported from Japan. This means that you don’t have to leave the country if you craved for affordable and authentic Japanese food and drinks.


Japanese Festivals

Prior to Kawaii’s official launch, Shunki said he missed Japan so much. And since he couldn’t go back home for festivals, he decided to stage mini festivals in Kawaii Cafe. That included the Tabanata and Nagashi Somen.


They celebrated the Tabanata festival by writing their wishes on a colored, narrow-stripped papers. Supposedly, they would hang those papers on a Tabanata plant but since there’s no Tabanata in the Philippines, they used bamboos instead. Then, they prayed for their wishes to come true.


The Nagashi Shomen was even more exciting. They would be catching noodles sliding from the cafe’s second floor, placed on a halved bamboo. They must have mastered their chopstick holding skills otherwise, they would end up with an empty stomach.

What’s in it for me?

Customers are free to wear Yukata, watch anime, and access to wifi while enjoying their drinks.

Located across The University Of San Carlos main campus in P. Del Rosario Street, Kawaii Cafe is open daily from 9 am until midnight.



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