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The Groovy Life of Lei

life of lei

Photo from Lei

She’s a woman of fashion and style. She’s fierce. She walks with grace and confidence like that of a Runway supermodel. She speaks her heart out. And when she speaks, everyone listens – even the local radio stations in France (attempt to ignore her and she will curse you in French – with no distinct accent). She hops from country to country, talks to prominent government officials abroad so she could help her fellow Filipinos back home.

She lives in her dreams. That’s her reality.



Little does everyone know of her humble beginning. They had little but her childhood was full of life, full of color, and full of ambitions. “I was not born with a silver spoon. I’ve encountered hardships. I lost my father when I was 18. I became the breadwinner of the family from then on. Honestly, I had wished I was someone else. I had hoped I was in another life. Fancy life, in another time,” Lei recalled.

Life of Lei

Her past hurts made her stronger and even fiercer. “I’ve matured earlier, way too early for my age. I met people from different walks of life. Rich, poor, young and old. I had known someone that I thought I would love forever. I became pregnant earlier than I expected and it was too late for me to realize that I got the wrong guy. It was when my lovely son came out that I felt the urge to pursue and chase my dreams. I really wanted to give him the best life possible so it was at this point of my life that I had to choose my destiny. I made a promise to myself that I would choose what my brain thinks over what my heart feels. After all, love can be taught through kindness and generosity. We are the master of our own fate. We define our life by our own choices.”
“Then, I met Thierry. And I consider it a breakthrough because that moment has changed my life forever.  I also had the chance to fulfill my all-time dream of becoming a chef when I met and worked with an amazing chef in Lyon, France – the world’s capital of gastronomy.  This person has become my friend and mentor whom I share my passion for cooking.  I may not be a professional chef at the moment…not yet. but very soon, I will be. I’m  working on it.”

Her version of osso boco loco

Her version of osso boco loco

People might say that she has changed…Physically, maybe. But deep inside her, she is still and will always be that same little girl with  colorful and ambitious childhood dreams. “With what I have accomplished, I still work hard to achieve those dreams.”


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