Sep 09


She can resist it no more, no matter how hard she tried.  All of a sudden, her body began to ache.  Then, a soft, tiny ligament started to protrude on both the left and right portion of her back.  She tightly closed her eyes, thinking that it would help her ease the pain, but no…  The pain was unbearable.  She wanted to scream but couldn’t… Finally, she felt numb while the once tiny ligament turned into a huge, colorful wings.

Wings!  Why on earth would she have wings!  It can’t be.  With shaking hands, and palms so pale and cold, she covered her face.   What had she done to deserve this?  Think… Think… Think…

She calmed down as she reminisced the past seven years of her life.  She was so naive then.  Too afraid, frail and fragile. She was too shy to come out of her cocoon shell.   She preferred to stay there – where she was safe.   Yet, she was also curious of what was life outside.  She had always dreamed of dancing in the rain, catching dragonflies, lying underneath that big blue sky, run as far as she can go…But those were just imaginations.

Until one night, a frog kissed her.  Oh, that kiss changed everything.

Now, she has two choices.  Will she blame that crazy frog (Although, she hoped he has turned into a handsome prince) for stealing her past?  Or will she be thankful to him and embrace her valiant future as an adorable lady butterfly?



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