Jul 09

Movie Review: Ice Age – Collision Course

While everyone has gone crazy about the Game of Thrones saga and the rest of the world is waiting for the Xmen Apocalypse to come, I went for Ice Age. I’m not really a big fan of  Mike Thurmeier or Michael Berg. And although I knew I wouldn’t be able to see Adam Levine on screen, I had to watch it. I couldn’t help it. My 7-year-old son can’t even get a ticket for himself. Besides, the movie requires parental guidance so I didn’t have a choice. Surprisingly, my son has a pretty good taste. The Ice Age – Collision Course is indeed spectacular.

The story highlights Buck’s comeback, leading the squad’s goal of saving the universe from unusual cosmic events. Blame the meteor shower on the acorn. If it wasn’t too hard to get hold of, Scrat wouldn’t have been trapped in an unidentified flying object that bumps against galactic objects.

Affection and love bloom as new characters are introduced in the movie. And in addition to the lessons on acceptance, teamwork, and trust, the credit crawls drawings are so adorable.



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