Oct 20

How Much Do I Love You, Massimo?

I always believed that the French culture would be my one true love. With head held up high, I was certain that there would be no second one. And I wanted it that way.

massimo pizza

But I was right for only some time. It was on the soft opening of Massimo Pizzeria Restorante Italiano that fate had proven me wrong.


The restorante’s heavenly-like white edifice disconnected from the real world and brought me to a dreamy Italian escape. And then, voila! Not longer than the pizza was served, I found a new amoré.  If Massimo Pizzeria was a predator, I was an easy prey. Or could it be a cupid that hit me bullseye? Because I just didn’t fall for the surreal. I was falling in love to its very core -the food!

You see, I was so full when I came in that evening. But as I watched the 4-cheese pizza being prepared right before my eyes, I just couldn’t stare at it. I had to do something than just taking photos. I had to devour Can you blame me when it was so irresistible? Massimo must have sprinkled a potion on it that Italianized me and had me craving for more. With its not-too-salty taste, my tastebuds have finally found a match. And the smell of Pesto pasta, ordered by a friend sitting beside me, was a teaser.

No Italian dinner would be complete without a glass of wine. And Massimo has a selection. I’m no fan but seeing my friends’ delighted faces and nods of approval, I was convinced that bottle of Cabernet sauvignon was a treat of ooohsome goodness.

And did I hear they will be serving coffee soon? Yes! And that calls for my comeback…with an empty stomach, I promise! Why won’t I when Massimo Pizzeria Restorante Italiano is truly a getaway from mediocrity. A cozy place where an Italian dream is a real thing.

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