Aug 14

Then and Now- Remembering What Makes us Look Up

Then and Now.

comparison before and after

A photo comparison of what makes us look up to the sky.

Outdoor vs Indoor Kid

We used to play a lot outside. Playing war games with toy guns (that’s gangsta compared to that first person shooter game that makes kids loot their parent’s pocket), running around, wounding our knees and going home crying at times were our usual daily routine. Life was simpler back then but we had the most genuine smiles. Way back the 90’s, we look up to the sky when a plane would pass by or when we were flying a handcrafted kite made of bamboo and Japanese paper (and if you’re a dirt poorer, an old newspaper). Tied with just a few 37-meter nylon monoline roll, the kite would be launched by a buddy several yards away. Buying a set of 10 pcs 37-meter roll of nylon monoline was even considered badass back then.

“Yeah, my kite can fly so high to be seen by your naked eye”. This was a common phrase from a kid boasting to afford a set. But if you were kinda loser, probably you would just be using a thread or yarn collected from a Mom and Pop’s store.

Today, we look up to the sky with a fully-stretched-out monopod on our hands. And we smile not because we have a bigger and more artistic kite that flies higher than everyone else’s, but because a flashing camera is positioned before us.

Creating the Sepia Effect

I didn’t travel through space and time. I used photoshop to manipulate the photo. I adjusted the color balance and levels to create a sepia effect and used dodge and burn tools as what designmodo instructed. I’m looking forward to have my own tutorials in the near future. I look forward to “pay it forward”.

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