Mar 02

Oh My, Candijay!

Candijay is 92 kilometers away from the city. As I haven’t heard anything interesting about it, I thought that spending a two-hour drive to this laid back town would be a waste of time. But once I got there, I stood in awe. Tongue-tied, actually. The only words that came out from my mouth were “wow! Amazing!”.

Can-umantad Falls

Cascading between fascinating rock formations in Barangay Cadapdapan, this 60 (can-uman)-foot waterfall is known to be the tallest in Bohol. Its water is so cool and clear, making the 300-steep-step downhill trek worthwhile.


Cadapdapan Rice Terraces

Living in Bohol for more than two decades, rice fields don’t surprise me at all. But seeing Cadapdapan Rice Terraces was another story. I didn’t know Bohol has something as awestanding as the Banaue Rice Terraces.


Photo By Bryan Agua

Photo By Bryan Agua

Canawa Cold Spring

This unfathomed pan or “cawa”-shaped cold spring has a mystery of its own. Its water source is yet to be known that plunging into its depth is an act of bravery. Its clear and calm water looks so refreshing that dipping into it may make ┬ásomeone forget about where the water comes from. (I didn’t dare, though).


Candijay del Rio Floating Restaurant

Candijay del Rio floating restaurant provides sumptuous, mouth-watering, lip-licking food. Their grilled tuna panga has knocked me dead, losing my table etiquettes (Yeah, I ate it all up). Their pork sisig is also a must-try and so far is one of the best that I have tasted.

Candijay del Rio Firefly Watching

The night didn’t end with burps and food coma. It ended with an enchanting boat ride through a dark, quiet river. With millions of fireflies illuminating those mangroves and trees like Christmas lights, I felt like a princess in a fairyland. It felt like I was in a dream. Thank goodness, my friends were also blown away that they didn’t notice I shed a tear – a tear of pure joy and astonishment.

Candijay may be a laid back town but this place holds a plethora of surprises worth discovering, worth all my time. So when you are planning to visit Bohol, including Candijay in your itinerary will make your trip more memorable.


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