Aug 21

One Caturday Afurrnoon At Cat Cafe

mother and child with a cat

Pierre loves cats more than I do. He loves them to the extent that he would let me “meow” and would cuddle me as if I was a cat, too. So when he saw Cat Cafe being featured on local TV, he never stopped pestering me.

I love coffee and I was looking for something to write about that time. I was not really annoyed at all when he asked me to spend our weekend in Cebu (after three months of begging me not to take him there)- not to be with his Papa but to be with those Persian and American short hair cuties. Afraid that he might change his mind, we boarded the last ferry from Bohol despite being warned about the windy weather and angry sea.

The Place

Our night’s battle against nausea and heavy eyelids was rewarded when we headed to that cozy place the next day. With only one jeepney (Jeep code 06H) ride from SM Cebu to Guadalupe, I find the cafe accessible. And since they will be relocating to SM Seaside soon, that will be more exciting.

The place has a living room setting where you can just sit on the floor with cats roaming around or lying next to you.


The Furry Experience

Obviously, Cat Cafe has met Pierre’s expectations. He cared less about his favorite Mango shake the moment he got an adorable creature on his hands.┬áHe could stay there for days.



The Food

As he lost his attention on me for those cats, I finally had a chance to breathe from his clinginess. I got a little time take photos around and ravish my delish grilled cheese sandwich and perfectly blended coffee mocha.




With fifteen cats in the small room, I thought that the place would be smelly. But it wasn’t. Also, guests have to leave their footwears outside. Plus, hand sanitizers are also available for use before (yes, before) touching the cats.

The Service

The cafe was already jampacked when we arrived so it took about half an hour for our orders to get served. On a lighter note, we had an excuse to stay longer with the lovely cats. Still, it would be beneficial if they had a faster service.


Those furry friends are so lovely and adorable that it was quite hard for us to leave. Too bad we couldn’t take them home and we weren’t prepared for separation anxiety.




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