Aug 30

One More Time

one more time

Have you ever wished of owning a magic mouse that would take you back to your past and change something there, or pause the time so you could stay there for as long as you want, in just one click? Have you ever thought of changing your past to have a better future?
Well, you have landed on the right page. No, I won’t be giving a free counseling session here. I can’t even write with psychological terms. But we are on the same wavelength. I have wished I could go back to my teenage years and turn things around to the future that I have been dreaming of.
Some twenty years ago, my dream of becoming a writer was so vivid. I even started a battle of bitter words with my mother because of it. I had almost missed the fun life of being a high school student for some scriptwriting works. But that dream faded when I entered the university. Struggling on accounting and some stuff, I totally went out of focus and believed that not all dreams would come true, anyway.
Now, my quest for a place in the world has led me back to my first love. And I have become impatient to make that dream come true, otherwise, the arguments I had with my mother and the missed opportunities to have fun with my friends in high school would be in vain.
I wished I had listened to my inner self back then. I wished I had pursued that dream. Sadly, I can never undo the past. I can never edit it. I can never delete the time I had given up writing for a more ‘practical’ reason.
We can only learn from our past. And if we refused to embrace its lessons, it will keep on haunting us. We will be chained. If we keep on regretting it, we are giving it a power to shatter what has been left. The only way to correct it is through the action we make in our now.

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