Jul 25

Paints and Quills Turns One

The past month was spectacular for Paints and Quills. And I can’t just let this day pass by without thanking the people behind its success.

Tmy friends whom I have tapped for photos, questions, words of encouragement and for a chit chat that was keeping me awake to complete a paragraph, to my brother who has been my IT Department Hotline, to my husband for providing me a livelihood showcase so I could take my work everywhere, to my family who has been my constant fan, and to my Pierre for being my distraction and inspiration, thank you. To my social media groups, friends, and followers, thank you.

Through your clicks, likes, comments and shares, Paints and Quill’s ranking went up from twenty-seven-million-something-hundred-thousandth place to two-million-ish. I know I still have a long way to go to join Google, Facebook and Youtube on the top ten (wink wink) but that’s a whooping leap in just one month. And that’s all because of you.

My journey to bloggerhood would have  been dull and ordinary, but with you guys, its excitement is far beyond compare. Thank you for keeping me company.

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  1. jenmolon

    I’m glad you’re putting a hand on drawing. This one’s great for a first time. You sure have an eye for details. I’ve tried charcoal years ago but I’m more comfortable with pencils since it’s less messy. Go watch Art of Wei’s drawing tutorials online and you’ll become a lot better at drawing portraits.

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