Aug 24

Pierre’s First Nutri10 Plus Experience

a kid holding a Nutri10 Plus food supplement

Pierre loving the Nutri10 Plus food supplement

Pierre got sick again. Since school has started in June, it’s his third time to catch cold and cough. He would just be fine for a week and then gets ill again in the next. Whether it was caused by stress or by the unfriendly weather, the sickness has dropped his weight and took his energy away. Cough and cold has made my poor boy miss school for a few weeks which made him feel bad (he’s attached with his pretty SPEd teacher, that’s why).

Then, Wert Phils sent me some bottles of Nutri10 Plus. It was indeed a perfect time, as if the company knew that we needed it. But as a mom, I was hesitant to try the vitamin on Pierre. I had some doubts at first. And just like a first time car owner would do, for more safety info check out Kokopax and see their Infant Car Reviews, I checked Wert Phils page on Facebook several times and I read a few review about it. I also checked their packaging until I learned that it has the components I am looking for in a vitamin. Then, I thought I might give it a shot. I let him take half teaspoon daily, as what is on the label for ages 1-9 years.

Nutri10 Plus

Nutri10 Plus food supplement

On Pierre’ first week with Nutri10 Plus, his glow as well as his activeness has come back. The only drawback with this syrup is that he loves its Ponkan flavor, making him ask for more than what’s prescribed. And when I forget, he would tap and remind me of his vitamin. Good thing he understands that too much of something isn’t good. Haha. Plus, he accepted my rebuttal that if he would take a lot of it today, there would be no more for the next few weeks. Right now, I’m crossing my fingers for his swift recovery and hoping he won’t be sick again. And I’m happy that we’re getting there.

Nutri10 Plus

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