Aug 17

Are you ready to experience Windows 11?

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The iconic Operating System

Windows 10 which was released last July 2015 introduced the so-called “universal apps” which can be designed to run on PCs, tablets, smartphones and other devices without changing much of the codes. It comes with a concept of an “operating system as a service” that is updated continuously to improve its performance and functionality. Windows 10 received positive reviews, despite having minor issues during its initial release like its built-in browser and the lack of choice in system updates.

We must be thankful for the chance to experience the latest version of Windows for free. Yes, the software giant provided a free upgrade for customers using Windows 7, 8 and 8. Unfortunately for those who didn’t grab the offer , the free upgrade ended last July 29. The Home version costs $119 and $199.99 for the Pro after the one-year free upgrade deadline.

Do we need to get exited for the next OS?

No. Windows 10 will be the final version of the operating system. As the last release, it doesn’t mean that it stops here. Microsoft will continue to improve by delivering updates and new methods to download from multiple sources.

Windows 11 is just a concept.

Before we get too exited for the next windows release, let us just thank Microsoft for this wonderful software that allows us to do multiple and complicated tasks. Without Windows (and other operating systems), our computers will be just bulky paperweights in front of our desks. Windows 11 is just a product of my wild and wide imagination as Microsoft confirmed that Windows 10 is the final release of the operating system. What we must look forward are the updates and additional features- it’s a never ending task to improve and seek for new ideas.

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Personally, I had a great experience using Windows products specially Windows 10. I also had the chance to upgrade my Windows 7 system for free. I’ll be glad if you share your experiences and thoughts about the most popular operating system.





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