Jun 22

Red Blood Moon

I could feel it. Someone was following me. I turned around but I only saw darkness in the deserted street.  I hastened my steps. I didn’t look around. The dried leaves were rustling at my feet as the air rushing from my panic brushed them away. Then, I heard a growling sound. It was not an ordinary growl of an animal. It was something that came from under the earth – or over the earth- I wasn’t sure. Its treble sent goose bumps to the back of my neck which vibrated down to my arms. All of a sudden, it hissed. Then, I shivered when I heard it calling my name.


I ran as fast as I could without looking back. But when I was near the gate of my home, its shadow ran past me and stood right in front of me. I shut my eyes for I couldn’t bear to see what it was. I heard the whispers brought about by the sound of the wind. I heard it calling my name again. This time, it was clearer than before. It was more intense. I said a prayer but I couldn’t memorize a line. I called His name and asked for His protection, but my voice was frail. I was frail. My whole body was stiff. I couldn’t even move a finger. I shut my eyes tighter. I could sense the dried leaves circling around me. I could feel the cold wind blow behind me. Then, the leaves stopped rustling. The wind stopped whistling. And then there was silence.


Slowly, I opened my eyes to see myself before a grave. The name carved on it wasn’t clear. I moved closer to have a better view. And then, I gasped when I read the name engraved on the tombstone. I blinked my eyes repeatedly to read the name again. I was hoping that it would change once I blinked, but it stayed the same.


Loona Fletcher

Born: October 31, 1997

Died: October 31, 2015


Nooooooo…My scream woke up everyone in the dormitory room. I was panting and gasping for air. I was soaked in sweat with hands still shaking in fear.


My roommates, Joyce and Michelle jumped off from their beds when they heard me scream. They were in panic and they came to give me comfort. Joyce hugged me tight and reminded me that it was just a bad dream. She hushed me while Michelle rushed her way to the kitchen to get me a glass of water. When I was unruffled, they sent me back to bed.


It was not the first time that I dreamed of it. It was the fourth or the fifth but each time it happened, it still gave me the same level of terror as before.


I tried to close my eyes but I couldn’t sleep any longer. I looked at the clock as it ticked a few minutes before midnight. A few minutes before first light of October 31, 2015. A few minutes before my eighteenth birthday.


When both hands struck at twelve, I started to perspire. I rolled my window blinds to breathe some fresh air but it revealed a huge moon outside. It was reddish. It was bloody red. It seemed so near that I could clearly recognize its map-like landscape. Goose bumps attacked me again.


This time, it was weird because I didn’t feel the chill. I held the crucifix on the chain that was circled on my neck. I couldn’t resist it. It felt so hot. I felt hot as if a flame was set through my veins. I glanced at the big moon, examined its greatness. Then the hot feeling was gone. I closed my eyes again but the vision of the moon remained in my mind. I opened my eyes, held the crucifix again, but the flaming feeling went back again. And each time a glanced at the moon, it subsided.


Oh no. This bizarre feeling shouldn’t be happening. I called His name but my head ached. It ached so much that it could blow. I couldn’t endure it anymore. I snatched the crucifix and threw it away.


Then, I heard the moon calling me. I gazed at it. I opened the French window wide enough for me to get through. Standing in awe before the moon, I closed my eyes, raised my hands on my sides and surrendered myself.


I am Loona Fletcher. With a willing heart, I accept my fate. With wings of a bat and a tail of a chameleon, I can proudly say that I am a descendant of the Mistress of the Moon.

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