Aug 12

Review: Thai Royale Spa – A Royale Experience

I was beating deadlines the other night and catching Pokemon wouldn’t get me any better the day after so I decided to head to a massage parlor for some stretching and relaxing instead. Since Thai Royale Spa is nestled in the heart of Tagbilaran and is just a stone-throw away from Pierre’s school, I went for it.  And I’m glad it was the only option I had that time.

thai royale

Photo taken by Limuel

The Place

The peppermint scent greeted me as I opened its entrance door. I was welcomed by a warm smile from the receptionist who ushered me to the receiving lounge. And just as my body had already adapted the tribal-inspired setting, Melrose, the therapist came to give me a foot soak here before leading me to the massage room.


Photo taken by Limuel


For a few seconds, I froze in awe at the pebbled pathway and as I walked through the room with a soothing instrumental music playing in the background, my thoughts wandered in Thailand’s ethnic community that I’ve seen in an episode of Living Asia. I completely forgot that I was still in Bohol.

thai royale spa

Photo taken by Christine Estaca


The Price

I was expecting for their services to be expensive but no. With the Royal treatment I got from the staff to the essence and ambiance, it’s worth every penny. The oil price is actually 50% cheaper than in a spa I usually go to.


Photo taken by Limuel

The Perks

What makes Thai Royale Spa different is that they use baby powder to dry up the excess oil after a back massage. Plus, they put a Vitress-like scent oil on my head so I wasn’t worried about the straight-from-the-bedroom smell when I got out to fetch Pierre from school. And the best part – they cap every session with a free drink. I chose hot tea over iced tea and water.


The Verdict

I will be going back there and will be bringing Pierre and hubby along. But I hope they would offer a massage + all-you-can-eat buffet meal soon, too (wink…wink). Come on, everyone deserves a pampering treat.


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