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Half A Day In Bohol: A DIY Travel Guide

Want to go on a Bohol trip but got limited time? And your inner self has grown impatient that her whisper “what a shame” keeps banging in your head. For who could resist the beauty of Bohol’s beaches, the serenity of its hills, and the diversity of its wildlife? No one.


Gear up now. Pack light and I’ll walk you through a half a day getaway in Bohol. Just forget about island hopping and sunbathing this time. The objective for now is to silence your wanderluster voice with instagramic photos. The journey may be a little Amazing-race-like but that’s where the real adventure is, right?

Get Set

While there are a number of entry points from Cebu to this paradise, the most convenient and wallet-friendly for me is to the port of Tubigon. Travel time is only an hour and a quarter via a fastcraft and the fare only ranges from Php150-300.



From Tubigon, take a bus or a van bound for Carmen. But before heading to the world- renowned Chocolate Hills, a quick stop-off at Sagbayan Peak will be perfect. With Snow White, Hulk, Spiderman, Dinosaurs, zebras and pandas, this kiddie park will bring your childhood memories back. Plus, this is where tarsiers and butterflies live.

DIY bohol

sagbayan peak



Travel time from Tubigon: About an hour

Fare: Php50-70

Entrance Fee: Php50

Entrance Fee for Tarsier Sanctuary: Php10

Entrance Fee for Butterfly Dome: Php10

Take the same bus from Sagbayan and hop off at Carmen Public Market. You can either  ride on a bus going to Tagbilaran or  on a motorbike known as habal-habal from there and prepare yourself to be enthralled by those magnificent hills situated in the heart of the province. Yes, I’m talking about those matcha-chocolatey hills.


DIY bohol

Photo from Dee Zulueta

bohol DIY

Photo Credit: Jake Asistio

Travel time: about 40 minutes

Bus Fare from Sagbayan: around Php30

Bus Fare from Carmen: Php8-20

Bike Fare: Php50-100

Entrance Fee:Php50

Now, it’s time to go midhill and feel the breezy tranquil of a man-made forest. Take a bus bound for Tagbilaran and jump off once the road gets breezy and shady.

Photo From Dee Zulueta

Photo From Dee Zulueta

Travel time: 30-45 minutes

Fare: Php18-30

Tired? That’s perfectly fine. About a thirty-minute drive from where you are at is treat of relaxation. Hop on the same bus and get off at Loboc Church and cross the bridge that leads to the floating restaurants terminal.  Eat all you can, grab a date if you want, sit back, feel the nature and enjoy.





Buffet Rate: Php450

Fare From Manmade Forest: Php18-30


There are still a lot more to discover in Bohol but yeah, your time is up. So head to Tagbilaran City to wrap up your day. Ferries will take you back to Cebu from there.

Tagilaran Plaza. I call this Mini-Milan

Tagilaran Plaza. I call this Mini-Milan

tagbilaran plaza

Travel Time from Loboc: about 30 minutes

Bus Fare: Php20-30

See you around next time and feel free to share your DIY adventure here.

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